Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bon Voyage....Cruising the Caribbean!

We were excited to get out of the cold and snow and go cruising to the Caribbean....except in Miami it was only 35 degrees and we were freezing before we even got on the boat (and we only brought our shorts--Yikes)! We had a wondeful time! We went with my brother Kelly and his wife Patty...we enjoyed all the port stops at Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, St. Thomas and St. Marten! The beaches were just beautiful and we came home with some nice tans! It was fun getting to know all the people on the ship our waiters and cruise hosts were a lot of fun and made for a memorable experience!


Val Johnston said...


Looks like so much fun! And so beautiful.... I wish when we went parasailing we could have both went!

Love ya! MISSED YA!

Amy 'n Clint said...

No way! You world traveller! Now you'll have to take a trip to Montana! (It's not nearly so far...but definitely as cold as Miami!!)

Jill said...

You are a brave woman Dixie...Looks fun and I love the blue water!!! Cruising is defintely the way to travel..You will have to go again. Lets do that girl one.. I like to go with larry though he pays .. hehehe

Linda said...

I am looking for a Don and Dixie Hubbard who were married 5th April 1974? Are you two the ones???
We had met a Don Hubbard in 1972 in Alabama. Just trying to reconnect. If you aren't just let me know. lindasttop@gmail.com or bborstop@1scom.net
Thanks! Linda and Robb Potts